4 Simple yet Edgy Hacks for Sustainable Fashion!

In order that we do not stop to gain, it is extremely necessary that we sustain!

Sustainability, in general, says that we need to very intelligently use what we have with us today, keeping in mind that we do not consume all of it and save some for tomorrow. Sustainability in the fashion industry also has a similar meaning. Right from the farmer who produces cotton to the end users like you and me, not even a single person in the loop should be kept devoid of the benefits of what is being produced and delivered. Even when the entire concept of sustainable fashion is becoming the next big thing across the globe, India still remains that one country practicing sustainable fashion from time immemorial.


Sustainability majorly focuses on maintaining balance. Here are a few tips and tricks which will help make your wardrobe very stylish yet keep it extremely ethnic, Indian and sustainable!

  • Prioritize Quality over Quantity

It is necessary to invest in statement pieces of clothing for your wardrobe to look trendy. You must always look for the quality of the clothes you are purchasing rather than the number of clothes you are investing in. More so, investing in 10 costly but durable dresses is any given day better than investing in 30 cheap and less eco-friendly outfits.

  • Invest in Indian Prints for That Extra Ethnic Touch

Extremely rich in its culture and heritage, India has been home to multiple prints and patterns in its clothing since ages. With complete focus towards continuing this legacy, Kessa will make you feel you more at home with a wide variety of options to choose from. Indian prints and work include:


  • Hand block print
  • Zari and mirror work
  • Boota and jaal work
  • Kantha and embroidery
  • Bagru print
  • Gota patti work
  • Ajrakh print
  • Sequin work
  • Indigo block print and many more
  • Either Repair or Donate

Before you throw away a piece of clothing just because it is slightly worn out, think about what effect it might pose to the environment if it just lies around like garbage. Instead, try repairing it yourself or hire a professional who can do it for you. You can also donate the clothes, you no longer need, to somebody who probably can’t afford what you have. This way, they will use your old pieces and will not invest in something new and hence promote sustainability.


  • Look for Vegan Clothing Options

With no inclusions of leather, silk, wool, fur or cashmere – vegan clothing does not have any sort of animal by product. Not only will investing in vegan clothing add that extra edge to the attires you own but it will also contribute to the sustainability of the environment by protecting the fauna up to a huge extent. Vegan clothing is a revolutionary shift in the fashion industry. By opting for this, you will make responsible choices by wearing fabrics that are cruelty free and are made up of recyclable and sustainable materials.

Being more informed about what brands you are purchasing, changing your attitude towards how you shop, taking good care of your clothes so they last longer and also investing in trans-seasonal clothes along with all the tips and tricks mentioned above will help you add that X factor to your wardrobe.


With the thought of giving back to the artisan community and keeping the Indian culture alive, Kessa offers an affordable clothing line. Since inception, this brand has aimed at providing affordable clothing options to women with a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from. Giving special attention to creating outfits for all shapes and sizes, Kessa is a one stop shop for anybody looking for having a trendy wardrobe by investing in sustainable fashion.

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