About Us

Kessa was founded in 2008 as an idea for creating a range of fun souvenirs for India and Indians. It was a simple thought, lets take our roots of clothing to a different level – we also loved design and that was always above everything, though little did we know what was to follow.

Ideology & Philosophy

Our main ideology is to give customer the best products at affordable price with that “DESIGNER” tinch, for which these designer makes a huge hole in our pocket. We empathize with our customer as what they go through while shopping, we also always felt the same way. A huge part of who we are today is also driven by our philosophy to Make Happy. What brings our customers back to our stores is that customers mostly leave with a smile after walking out of our stores with unique high-quality local craftsmanship and delightfully designed product that feels at home anywhere in the world.

We breathe, feel and live on the Indian soil and never compromise on our quality, price and style.