About Us

Pallavi Rathi

Pallavi Rathi
Co-Founder / Design Connoisseur

A total boss and ultimate decision maker when it comes to designing. She is a walking fashion encyclopedia with deep knowledge about all fabrics, crafts and styling options that there are to know of!

Anuradha Maheshwari

Anuradha Maheshwari
Co-Founder / Operations Head

She makes the wheels of kessa go round by taking care of all inside operations. Her continuous efforts bind the team into one big functional unit, delivering the best of style to  women pan India.

Anamika Yadav

Anamika Yadav
Co-founder / Marketing Whiz

The marketing whiz, Anamika has a Keen eye for aesthetic and a knack for consumer psychology. She has utilized her skill set to shape Kessa into a reality and leave a mark on the Indian ethnic fashion canvas.

Top Team

It all began with three women deciding to give back to the artisan community and bringing a line of affordable clothing to the fore. A cozy store in the foothills of Dehradun, with no prior knowledge of running a business or what roles to take on, they took the challenge head on. What started as an idea has spawned into a huge manifest with the love and appreciation we have received from our customers over the course of our servitude to the fashion industry since 2008.


Kessa is led by and led for women since inception, making it easier to tap into the complicated conscience of an Indian woman. Bonded by blood but united by fashion, the trio have been a relentless source of encouragement to each other alongside their ever supporting families. After years of tireless toiling the ladies have claimed their respective stations, Mrs. Pallavi Rathi as the founder-head designer, Mrs. Anuradha Maheshwari as the head of administration and Mrs. Anamika Yadav as the head of Marketing.

Ideology & Philosophy

Our thought behind creating this line of clothing was to give women an article of clothing that not only is fashionable but flattering; classy but affordable. All our attires are designed considering women of all size, shape and age, which is major reason our collections transcend all boundaries being modest all the while. All our designs are produced in-house and are exclusive to our own brand.

Behind the Scene

We take pride in how much our Kessa family has grown over the years. We have been welcomed with open arms by Indian women everywhere which has enabled us to open 12 stand alone stores pan India, including an online store. We churn out ravishing ensembles at a much larger and faster rate as the entire process falls under our own free will, giving us the creative freedom. Hailing and based at Jaipur we continue to work closely with our artisans to finalize each design to every miniscule detail.

We are grateful to all our customers for showering us with love all along for it really keeps us pushing. We aim to bring the magic of traditional Indian crafts with flair of fresh fashion to the masses at the best prices and branch out as this journey progresses!