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Accessories to Accessorize Your Outfit

Fashionable trends have outspread its wings far beyond clothing. Women depict the epitome of beauty. Adding grace to shine further, accessories are the cardinal component of womens' clothing. A classic accessory turns a dull outfit into an interesting attire. Our collection of timeless pieces help you wear a stylish and trendy look. Trendy accessories complete and complement the look of women. Glorifying your appeal with accessories is fun to experiment with. Dainty jewelry pieces or comfortable slippers, revamp your glamorous personality. Accessories styled in the right way adds charm to your outfit.

Our colossal collection will fill you in with the countless options of accessories for women.

Not just the jewelry gives you an elegant look but the cute pouches, sunglasses, trendy footwear are on the queue to beautify your look.

Ladies, it’s time to gear up for that lazy Monday with our must-have wardrobe essentials:

  1. Utility pouches

Made out of thick cotton, our utility pouches are designed to hold bottle jars, tubes, and makeup palettes as well. Handprints and extra cushioning on the pouch bags provide delicate care to your glass essentials. Our utility pouches are must-haves for dominating street style. Interior waterproof lining prevents fluid leakage. In the mood to go shopping or have a casual outing? Style little pouch bags with quirky prints that enhance your aesthetic appeal.

  1. Slippers

Conflicting to buy a pair of slippers to lounge around or a casual visit? Our collection of unisex slippers are made out of pure cotton. Being hypoallergenic and comfortable, it adorns your feet with comfort. One of the supreme benefits that cotton slippers can provide is to survive conveniently in the scorching heat. You get to breathe and relax on the jittery days. Beautiful floral prints and fascinating hues of the slippers bring a huge smile to your face.

  1. Earrings

Adorned with semi-precious Gilgit stones, our earrings collection fascinates every woman. Our jewelry collection is purely made of German silver. With a lustrous appearance, it gives you a more royal look. Our earrings collection is inspired by the nomadic tribe. The lightweight earrings keep you relaxed and comfortable. An embellishment of the multi-colored stones looks super chic. On styling with your outfits, leave an Indian fragrance.

  1. Stoles

Women have their hearts reserved for styling stoles in trendy ways. Our exquisite orhni style dupattas give you a complete ethnic look. Woven out of pure silk and cotton, the stoles are wrinkle-resistant and give a classic look in summers. The charm of ajrakh and bagru prints, paisley motifs, and soothing hues of the stoles entices women to add these pieces to the closet. Its sheer texture and beautiful designs perfectly depict the traditional appeal.


  1. Sunglass covers

Got stylish sunglasses but no protection? Find our cotton eyeglass covers as a safe place to screen your glasses safely. Made out of soft cotton, these are no less in trend and style. It has been designed in a perfect shape to prevent your glasses from any scrapes and scratches

Online shopping for women accessories is in vogue and Kessa is all set to offer quality accessories to our lovable customers. Explore our site to find fashion with sustainability.