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Bracelets to embrace the decency

Bracelets are a timeless piece of accessories in women’s wardrobe. It simply adds elegance to the fashion statement. It is a great source to display your personality to the people around you. In some parts of India, the type of bracelet defines the community of the wearer. It is worn by ladies as a symbol of beauty. With the constant evolution of the fashion industry, bracelets define your fashion sense. This piece of accessories is rarely worn by women. It keeps your pace uniform with the current fashion trends and the aspects of modernity. Kessa has a variety of bracelets that blend perfectly with your outfits. Our popular handmade bracelets add charm and give a glamorous look.

Wearing a special kind of bracelet establishes your identity. Define your fashion statement with our stone bracelet online and shop your favorites.

Features in the jewelry that we offer:

  1. Metal - Our accessories are embedded with precious metals. We use German silver to design and create unique bracelets. Being a lustrous element, it is no less than pure silver.

German silver doesn’t tarnish easily, hence, is the most preferred material to create sterling jewelry pieces. The clanking of this metal is quite soothing. Being resistible to rusting, it can be used for a longer time. Although it shouldn’t be exposed to moisture, it might shatter into pieces easily and early. Our jewelry pieces are inspired by traditional Turkish and Banjara designs. Inspired by these traditionally curated designs, our artisans have carved out timeless pieces.

  1. Stone - To enrich the bracelets with all the charm, the bracelets are adorned with Gilgit stones. These are known to embellish the uniqueness of the armlet. The Gilgit region in Pakistan is a great supplier of some of the royal stones like Zircon, garnet, rose quartz, and many more.

The combination of these semi-precious stones with the malleable metal looks chic when paired with any outfit. Worn in any style, it improvises the way of dressing sense. It better compliments your personality. Our collection provides a touch of ethnicity. With the amazing blend of colors and combinations of stones and styles.

  1. Designs - Our wrist ornaments depict our traditional culture. We have modified the appearance of our bracelet collection. The nomadic Banjara tribe has so much to offer from its bag. The stones have been interlaced with different patterns. Ornamented in a few geometric patterns, the bracelets look super chic on the beautiful wrists of the ladies.

Tips to pick up the right bracelet for you

  1. Decide on the size of your wrist. The right fit of this small accessory elevates your overall look. Make sure you are able to insert two fingers under a closed-loop.
  2. Choose your bracelet style. Buy bracelet online from . It is important to pick a suitable material for you. Explore our range and exemplify class.
  3. Look for the style you are aiming for. Our bracelet collection helps you ace the combination of classy and stylish. The bracelets with anchor motifs designs create a semi-casual look.