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Exquisite jewellery handcrafted to fineness

India has had a history of its women wearing jewellery. Different females relate differently to jewellery. For some, it symbolizes power and status. Some have an emotional connect with their jewellery. Some might think of it as a good investment while others might just wear it to elevate the look of their outfit. Reasons can be many but there is one factor common to all these. Jewellery adds to the natural beauty of a woman.

In the modern day, jewellery is not just confined to the feminine gender. When it comes to Indian jewellery, there is a huge variety with numerous options. At Kessa, we understand the essence and importance of jewellery in complementing an outfit. Therefore, we offer a wide range of options to choose from. From necklaces to ear rings to bracelets - you name it and we have it.

We have expert artisans who make the finest handcrafted jewellery. We aim at making our jewellery strikingly different from other jewellery brands. This is why we pay special attention to the detailing while crafting our jewellery pieces. At Kessa, we have a very beautiful collection of hand painted jewellery online.

Here are some lesser known facts about hand painted jewellery:

No involvement of machinery

Crafted solely with the artisan’s hands, this jewellery does not require any machinery for mass production. Each piece is a reflection of the artisan’s efforts and patience.

The value of time

Handcrafting takes way more time than machine production. Designers take an incredible amount of time to design a single piece. At Kessa, we have experienced designers who put in their best work in each piece that they create.

Unique pieces

A striking feature of hand painted jewellery is its uniqueness. You will never find two pieces looking exactly alike. The fineness of handcrafted jewellery pieces is a result of immense amount of patience and perseverance.


Sustainable fashion is very likely to go a long way. At Kessa, we give utmost importance to maintaining sustainability. We source high quality material for jewellery from suppliers who are rooted to their traditions. We use eco-friendly alloys and metals for crafting our pieces.


Ample time and effort goes into hand painting the jewellery pieces. This is self-explanatory for the quality of jewellery we produce. We use the best quality no-bake enamel paint for a complete coverage on the metallic pieces. Our artisans know their job very well. They make sure that everything used in crafting is of a superior quality.

Made with love

Hand painting jewellery pieces requires giving a lot of attention to detail. When such a piece is crafted, the artisan’s energy gets transferred into the piece they are making. The outcome of such an energy flow is the beautiful pieces you see on our website when you wish to buy hand painted jewellery.

At Kessa, we aim to keep the culturally rich heritage on India alive in our designs. You will find Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva motifs painted on our ear rings. We also offer tribal neck pieces with beautiful theme based handcrafted paintings. Our hand painted jewellery collection will give you a very clear idea of how much hard work we put in making them. Explore more on our website and let your jewellery box feel a fresh wave of these handcrafted beauties!