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Meenakari - for You, for Me and for The Bride To Be!

As beautiful and graceful as Indian outfits are, there are no two ways about it that a statement jewellery piece takes all the grace up a notch. At Kessa, we offer a variety of such statement pieces of handcrafted jewellery. Meenakari jewellery happens to be one of the most favourite picks for a lot of women and especially the brides. Meenakari pieces are crafted and ornamented metal surfaces bearing intricate designs. A wide variety of metals like silver, gold, brass and copper can be used to carve out this kind of jewellery. Meenakari jewellery gives the appearance of a picture with a theme. The look of these pictures is filled with beautiful vibrant enamels to give a striking clarity to the theme.

Kessa offers both the major types of popular Meenakari jewellery online - the “ek rang khula” which is crafted in a single colour and the “panchrangi meena” which contains five different vibrant hues and gives a very exciting look to the traditional bridal jewellery.

Here are some striking facts about how the Meenakari jewellery at Kessa is the best pick for you!

Handcrafted in Jaipur

The history of Meenakari jewellery dates back to when the Mughals and the Rajputs shared a close alliance. Originally worn by the Rajputs as an expression of royalty, Meenakari continues to serve the same feel to the ones wearing it. All Meenakari jewellery available at Kessa is handcrafted at Jaipur which has been home to this type of jewellery from a very long time. The exquisite art shown of the statement jewellery pieces speaks for itself. Meenakari screams the rich culture of Rajasthan throughout India.

Low Maintenance

Although Meenakari jewellery does not come with a very hectic maintenance routine, it does need to be kept carefully wrapped in cotton for a better longevity. These pieces can be worn on a regular basis. Kessa deals in silver Meenakari jewellery which can easily be cleaned with a dry cotton cloth and you will be good to go.

Patterns and designs to choose from

Since the Meenakari Art is all about depicting a theme based picture, Kessa offers different types of themes to choose from. From the silver art jhumki to tribal moti jhumki to stone silver ear rings to moti dana kundan phool earrings - Kessa makes a wide range of options available for its buyers. 

Keeping the Indian culture alive

Heriditarily passed on from one generation to another, Meenakari is crafted by artisans known as “Meenakars”. Every piece of this jewellery passes through several hands for perfection. Right from the nacquash to the sonar to the  kalamkar to the ghotnawala to the kundansaaz - each and every Meenakari piece at Kessa gets a touch of the hands best at doing their job.  Giving a very prominent Indian feel to the one wearing it, Meenakari shouts the rich culture of India.

Best option for brides

If you are looking for just the perfect jewellery to wear on your big day, the online Meenakari jewellery collection at Kessa is what you need. We have Meenakari sets in a variety of colours and themes. Here, you will be able to explore everything from chokers to rani haars to necklaces. We make it a point to make you feel like a queen wearing our Meenakari jewellery.

With a variety of themes and colours to choose from, alongside maintaining the essence and feel of being at home and feeling all the more Indian, Meenakari at Kessa is totally worth investing in!