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Flattering necklaces for spotty looks

From the delicate places of the deserts, a tribe came into existence and that is the Banjara tribe. This nomadic community is also addressed with the names Gor, Naik, and Lambadi. Known for imparting the trade of quirky and catholic jewelry for women, Banjaras have tinkled the love for pieces of jewelry. In the olden days, they have used every exotic form of jewelry. The bangles, ear cuffs, necklaces, and lip rings belong to these indigenous tribes only. 

The heavy neckpieces give them an epic look, no less than a monarch of the locale. The jewelry has come into vogue from the Banjara culture. Even after being plundered by the colonial powers, they have a remarkable choice to pick the material. The ethnic ornamentations bear the earthy charm. 

Inspired by the terrific taste, Kessa has an eclectic, earthen, and funky jewelry collection. Explore the banjara necklaces online at and gear up for an angelic look. 

Cherish the rare qualities of our Banjara necklaces:

  1. Compliant Metal - To carve out the peculiar jewelry pieces from the raw material, we have it made from German silver. It has a lustrous appearance that looks similar to silver. But it actually has no silver element in it. 

Designers use German silver to cut the cost of the sterling metal. Being a sheen and malleable metal, it stays for long with you. What do our ladies love the most? Collection of the varying jewelry and its clanking. The prime feature of this jewelry is that it is inexpensive and doesn’t tarnish. These pieces are easy to clean and retain. Ensure not to expose it to moisture for a long time. 

  1. Priceless Stones - For embellishing the essence of the jewelry, Gilgit stones are imposed to give you a more royal look. The Gilgit region is the source for treasurer stones like ruby, rose quartz, garnet, zircon, emerald, and many such precious stones. Different stones have different features. Styling these hefty metal pieces with plain or basic clothing creates the best combination of ethnicity. 

We use semi-precious stones to beautify the ornamentation. The designers portray meaning through their art. Being the connoisseur of jewelry, we have a great collection on the table. 

  1. Versatile designs - We have a variety of designs. Our artisans have a sense of artistry to depict the origin of the nomadic tribe. We have been endowed with variations in the fashion industry. 

Our artisans have reincarnated the styles in the neckpieces. Despite modernization, we have endeavored to keep the traditional values intact. The Turkoman jewelry is formed in a way to flaunt the vertical and uniform areas of the neck. The chains are decorated with different designs. The imposing of multi-colored stones in the designs create a unique and traditional look. Our pretty ladies can flaunt every piece of the necklaces. 

Based on the artistic detail and peculiarity, these jewelries have a high market value even after use. It’s a win-win both ways. Go and check out the exclusive banjara necklace online!