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Shawls for Cozy Comfort

Shawls aren’t regular fashion essentials yet women have a special closet for the shawls. With the temperatures dropping, all the winter essentials are out in the season. There are multiple ways to maximize the accessory that bounces up to your appearance. Shawls are reserved for a complete traditional look. They are considered to be the coziest and warmest winter apparel in the women’s wardrobe. Most of the women compromise on fashion to protect themselves in cold weather. Kessa’s extensive collection of shawls ensure our ladies look chic. Moreover, it supplies continuous warmth without compromising on fashion statement. 

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Kessa offers the highest quality clothing with the following features and qualities:

  1. Sturdy Material - To keep you warm all along, we have tailored our shawls with pure wool. The shawls are wrinkle-resistant and super breathable. Kessa is here to equip you with the traditional shawls to vibe in every outfit. The woolen shawls have longer durability. Some fabrics irritate your skin but these shawls are comfortable and soft. Having a mild texture, shawls offer a sleeky sensation and settle smoothly layering up your attire. 
  2. Attractive Colors - We have a wide variety of colorful shawls that outshines your personality. Colors spring out an energetic ambiance. Our wonderful fusion of colors brightens your day significantly. We use high-quality pigments that retain for long even after multiple washes. 
  3. Varieties - With contrasting borders and tassels, Kessa has a rich compilation of woolen shawls to embellish your winters. This season decorate your wardrobe with our vivid shawls offerings. The plain and printed prints deterge a fascinating appearance. Our shawls can be styled in different ways to switch things up. 
  4. Aesthetic Designs - Our pure woolen shawls are adorned with beautiful designs. The handprinted shawls are as appealing as the winters feel. Our shawls can be styled in different ways to switch things up. Dipped in pure Indian craftsmanship, the woolen shawls have various chic prints. These offer a chance to flaunt your everyday look and specific events. We have endeavored to shape up our cultural flairs with modesty. The artisans modify the shawl pieces frequently to craft out the variations to be the trendsetters.

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Tips to take care of the pure wool:

Wool is a very delicate material and should be attended to carefully. Caring for wool is much easier. We want you to love and care for your woolen garments for more coming years. 

  1. As a natural fiber, it doesn’t have the adaptability to draw dirt. It keeps itself clean naturally. The woollies require less washing and expells the odor itself.
  2. Prefer handwashing your woolen shawls. To avoid shrinkage, wash the wool with cold water with the addition of mild detergents. 
  3. Dry the garment in the natural source than dry-cleaning as it is a chemical-intensive process. 
  4. When seeing off the winters, pack the woollies in a cotton bag or in a secure place. If not cared, moths invade the garment and create holes in it.