Floor Your Virtual Date With These 3 Outfits

Rose Fog Voile Dress

Ever since we’ve started to stay within the safety of our homes, we have been finding innovative ways to stay connected with our loved ones. But thanks to the blessing of modern technology, finding new connections and re-invigorating those that we lost touch with is also in full bloom. We have started to bridge the

Trendiest Colors For Summer 2021 (That flatter Brown Skin!)

Indraneel South Dobby Cotton Kurta

The Western world and the deep-rooted colorism that has been woven into the tapestry of Indian society have been restricting brown skin from exploring the expansive world of color. Contrary to popular beliefs, India has a vibrant history of color in fashion for ages.  In this blog, we will not only tell you the trendiest

Banjara Jewelry – The Story Of Rustic Regality

Kbn06 Necklace

Humans started to adorn their bodies with jewelry even before they discovered metal. Seashells, bones, animal skulls to twigs, and stones were turned into jewelry to accessorize. Evidence unearthed in 2013, reveals that even Neanderthals indulged in the beauty of jewelry.  In India, one of the most unique, eclectic, and quirky styles of jewelry comes

Flattering Fits From Kessa – For Different Body Types


Women have diverse body types and each one of them is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, a massive number of women still struggle to love their bodies and be confident in their shape. So, we are here to tell you how to dress your body type to enhance the most beautiful aspects of your body.   So, let’s

Summer Closet: Things To Consider While Buying Clothes For Summer

women’s kurtas

The sensational Indian summers are knocking at the door! The tropical summer weather in the country is characterized by super-sunny and hot days with sultry humidity to top it all. However, the weather doesn’t dampen the infectious spirit of the people. Men, women, and children deck up for work, school, or chores and brave the