Cozy Comfort With Cotton Clothing

Cotton clothing

Cotton clothing is emerging as the new fashion statement for fashionistas and designers alike. Studies conducted by the Organic Trade Association reveals, in the year 2020, the organic cotton industry surged by 31% and will see a rise of 10% expectedly by the year 2021. From plain and simple pouches to fascinating dresses, cotton fabric

The Demure Beauty Of Dupattas


Dupattas, also known as Odhni or Chunni, is an emblem of modesty, and grace in Indian culture. The origin of this stunning swathe of fabric can be dated back to the era of Indus Valley Civilization. The Dupatta is believed to be a modern interpretation of the ancient Uttariya – a single piece of fabric

Introducing The New Face of Fabric Waste


Statistics reveal that the fashion industry produces as much as 20% of the global waste water. Nearly 17 million tons of textile waste ends up in landfills every year. Considered as one of the major contributors to the surging waste problem, the textile industry has started to proactively implement new waste management techniques and processes

Festive Must-Haves: The Anarkali Edition

Anarkali Suits

Globally associated with opulence and regality, Indian ethnic outfits have survived turbulence even at times when fashion underwent a complete transition. While embracing the ever-changing style sensibilities of the world with arms wide open, India has stayed rooted in its tradition and heritage. When it comes to festivities and celebrations, nothing beats the charm and

Time To Turn The Bond of Sibling Love SUSTAINABLE


Making your home sustainable, with smart and eco-friendly choices, will require you to take baby steps. Owing to the multiple benefits of green living, sustainability helps you stay connected to nature in some way or the other. Sustainable home decor is convenient, more affordable than you think, and looks aesthetic. The festive season has almost