4 Simple yet Edgy Hacks for Sustainable Fashion!


In order that we do not stop to gain, it is extremely necessary that we sustain! Sustainability, in general, says that we need to very intelligently use what we have with us today, keeping in mind that we do not consume all of it and save some for tomorrow. Sustainability in the fashion industry also

Style Is Just a “Throw” Away

sofa throw

An aesthetic looking interior immediately lifts up your mood, isn’t it? To give that much needed glam to your room decor, a sofa throw is what you will need. A sofa throw is a small multi-purpose aesthetic looking blanket. It enhances the normal boring look of a sofa and makes it look more appealing. It

Bed Linen – The Secret To Snooze Like a Baby


It is a very lesser known fact that the average person spends almost 25 years of their life sleeping. Sounds strange, isn’t it? Let me calculate it for you and you would believe me. Based on eight hours of sleep every night for an average life span of 75 years, the total number of sleeping

The Magical Blues : India’s Indigo Connect

Indigo Block Print kurta

Known for its rich culture and heritage in everything ranging from folk music, dance, food, architecture and handicrafts – Rajasthan is also the home to Indigo and block printing. All kinds of Indian ethnic and contemporary wear continue to incorporate Indigo block prints in their designs. Bagru, a desolate village on the Jaipur-Ajmer road, has

Jaipuri Razai: Feather-Light Quilts That Keep You Toasty!

In the 16th century, way before the West jumped onto the bandwagon of Veganism, Jaipur was experiencing a religious revolution spearheaded by Vishnuism. Now referred to as Vaishnavism, the followers of this Hindu philosophy are ardent followers of Lord Vishnu. And, worships the 10 Avatars of Lord Vishu. And most importantly, they are strictly vegetarian