Buy Dresses Perfect for Your Little Princess!

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Your princess does not have to endure ill-fitting clothes made out of cheap fabric with garish design in the name of kid’s wear. We, at Kessa Wear, are transforming the kid’s wear scenario in the country.

We understand that kid’s wear can be sophisticated and beautiful instead of a clown-show. If you are looking forward to buy kids wear for girls online, then here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Fabric Matters 

Your baby girl’s skin is way more soft and delicate than us adults. Since clothes come in direct contact with their skin and stay there for a significant time span, you must give extra importance to the fabric of the cloth. Natural fabrics like silk and cotton are our top pick for 3 primary reasons –

  • They are hypoallergenic, thus reducing the chances of skin irritation drastically.
  • Silk and cotton are the softest, smoothest materials that are absolutely non-abrasive on your little angel’s delicate skin.
  • These natural fabrics, especially cotton, are extremely breathable. So, they keep your child comfortable and dry even in the hot and humid Indian weather.

Step 2: Experiment with styles 

Yeah, your angel looks adorable in a fluffy little frock, but don’t just stop there. Experiment with different styles of clothing. From frocks and skirt sets to dresses and palazzo sets.

Make her dress according to the occasion. Like palazzos and skirt sets make for a beautiful outfit for weddings and puja functions while frocks and dresses are great for parties and outings. Dressing them right for the occasion builds a great sense of style since early childhood.

Step 3: Pick pretty tones 

Build a wardrobe with a healthy mix of hues for your child. It should have bright shades of red, yellow, and green along with soft pastel shades of pink and mint for different moods. While vivid colours are great to bring out the youthful vigor of your baby girl, the softness of pastel shades will complement her innocence beautifully.

Step 4: Pretty in Print 

Prints infuse interest and personality into an outfit. It is an effortless way to uplift a boring outfit. Prints also showcase the beauty and charm of Indian handicrafts. So, stock up on florals, block prints, bandhani, and more. Sequin work and embroidery also elevate an outfit and makes it party-ready.

Step 5: Get the fit right 

Measure your child’s proportions with a measuring tape before you pile up your carts with our beautiful range of girls kids wear. A huge number of Indian parents make a grave mistake of buying clothes that are a couple of sizes larger than their child’s actual size. Please refrain from doing this as it makes you girl look super frumpy. And, it really doesn’t do anything for comfort.

Now that you know how to pick the perfect pieces for your little munchkin, why does that cart feel lonely? Get shopping NOW!

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