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Jaipuri Razai: Feather-Light Quilts That Keep You Toasty!

In the 16th century, way before the West jumped onto the bandwagon of Veganism, Jaipur was experiencing a religious revolution spearheaded by Vishnuism. Now referred to as Vaishnavism, the followers of this Hindu philosophy are ardent followers of Lord Vishnu. And, worships the 10 Avatars of Lord Vishu. And most importantly, they are strictly vegetarian

Everything You Need to Know About Rajasthani Block Print Quilts

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Rajasthan is a land enriched with glorious culture. There is so much you can find in Rajasthan. The art forms translated on fabrics are a sight to behold. Rajasthan is known for its block print designs that are beautifully made on various fabrics. Over the period of time, the ancient art form was losing its