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While some people weighted blankets, there is nothing that can beat the charm of a printed quilt. The printed quilts are being used in Indian households for ages. One of the most loved and commonly found printed quilts are the ones with Jaipuri and block prints. They are also known as Jaipuri Razai.

Block Print Quilts

What makes these quilts the most loved one is the vintage vibe associated with them. The ethnic prints and lovely quilting set them apart from other quilts. Along with block print quilts, you can also find other bedding solutions such as bedsheets, pillow covers, cushions, bedcovers, and more. These quilts and bedding sets give an amazing makeover to the entire room and lift the vibe of your room. Even a simple room can become attractive with vibrant block print quilts. These quilts make for an amazing gifting option to friends and family. In fact, they are a perfect gift for a newlywed couple.

Block print Quilt in White

The lovely quilts in white are made with 100% premium cotton. This makes the quilt light in weight. Yet they are cosy and keep you warm. The white quilts have colourful designs, which make them attractive. In fact, white quilts are a premium choice for many households. They make your room aesthetically appealing and inviting. The quilts are printed on both sides. It also gives you the flexibility to change the look of the bedding.

Block Print Single Bed Quilt

The block print quilts are perfect not only for ACs but also for the transition weathers with mild winters. They can also be used as a casual throw on the bed or sofa. Like the double bed quilts, these quilts are also made from pure cotton and have amazing designs. The fluffy and beautiful quilts exhibit traditional handicrafts of block print from Jaipur.

Kessa Hand Block Print Quilts

If you are looking for a quilt online double bed, Kessa Wear is the perfect brand for you. Along with gorgeous fashion apparel in block prints, Kessa also deals in bedding solutions such as bedsheets, bedcovers, quilts, pillow covers, and cushion covers. Kessa strives to revive the ancient and traditional art forms from India, and block print is one of them.

The block print is catching waves not only in India but also in western countries. The bedsheets and quilts in lovely block print are a perfect addition to your home. Even a simple décor can become vibrant by adding gorgeous block print bedding and quilts in the bedroom. We have a huge variety of block-printed white quilts with colourful prints. Apart from amazing designs printed on white quilts, you can also choose from different soothing colourful quilts in pink and blue.

You can also buy cushion online if you wish to add block prints to your living room and give it a trendy makeover.

Kessa believes in slow fashion, and every item that you choose from our portal is a part of sustainable fashion. Explore our webpage to grab your hands on amazing quilts.

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