Everyday work outfit with new launch Kessawear

Do you need a little inspiration for simple and snappy, office outfit ideas?

Dressing up well for your office is imperative. With the day by day hustle clamor and round the clock gatherings, getting the ideal clothing each day is an issue. What turns into a problem is to pick among comfort and style. Depending upon your office culture, you should dress properly. Sprucing up to work or a conference can appear like an undertaking yet with a couple of helpful hints, putting together a chic look is easy.

You can simply play around with hues and blends to make work wear fun yet elegant. Kessa’s styling guide for your everyday work wear needs will helped you out. Rest assured. Read on and be prepared to go up against the everyday in style.

We have come up with 5 days (Monday to Friday) work outfit styles for you to think about.

Day 1 – Monday -Look Confident –

White Cotton Kurta with Blue Stripes

Make a style statement at the office with this navy-blue stripe kurta made by khadi cotton.

Buy now here https://www.kessawear.com/ws309-white-cotton-kurta-blue-stripes/

Day 2- Tuesday- Look Stunning- Kurta with Embroidered Sleeves

Nothing save the day like this a well-embroidered kurta.

Buy now here https://www.kessawear.com/ws305-kurta-with-embroidered-sleeves/

Day 3- Wednesday- Look Elegant-

Striped Mangalgiri Kurta-pant Set

Simplicity and elegance are siblings !!! This Striped Mangalgiri Kurta-pant Set is perfect for your office look.

Buy now here https://www.kessawear.com/ws297-khadi-colour-kurta-pant/

Day 4- Thursday- Look graceful –

Blush Pink dress

Your search for perfect office wear on Thursday will end with this Blush pink double layer dress perfect in cotton fabric.

Buy now here https://www.kessawear.com/wa247b-blush-pink-dress/

Day 5- Friday- Look Ravishing –

Indigo Cape with Ajrakh Sleeveless Inner

Try this Ajrakh printed inner with an indigo cotton cape.

Buy now here https://www.kessawear.com/sr36-indigo-cape-ajrakh-sleeveless-inner/

When choosing your work outfits, you want to look stylish and cool.  There’s no point in not liking what you’re wearing because it will affect your mood all day.  You need to feel comfortable and relax.

We also have a variety of different styles from office wear to festive wear, we are sure you will find an outfit you love on here, just visit our website www.kessawear.com & Follow us on Instagram @kessawear.

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