Get Comfortable Yet Stylish Home Wear from Kessa


A home is a place where we unwind and chill. We wish to have a relaxing time at home, and therefore, most of us wish to wear something that is super comfortable and light on the skin. We choose home wear that is soft on skin, allows our skin to breathe, and lets us enjoy our time lounging around at home. We want something that helps us to engage in our household chores comfortably. More and more people love to spend their time at home in pyjamas instead of dressing up.

But hey, who said home wear needs to be boring? Your home wear can be equally attractive and stylish as your fancy clothes that your wear outdoors. KessaWear offers a stylish and beautiful collection of home wear outfits that are perfect for a unique style statement. You may wonder how home wear and style can go hand in hand, but with Kessa, it is very much possible!

Kessa, the fashion brand, is an amalgamation of traditional fabrics with contemporary designs. At Kessa, traditional prints and fabrics are used to create timeless pieces of fashion that you can flaunt and preserve till long. After coming up with kurtas, suits, and stoles, Kessa has launched their home wear collection, which is something that you can’t give a miss.

If you are looking for attractive home wear outfits, then explore Kessa. The variety of options will literally spoil you for choices. Their casual range of shorts and top sets come in a variety of colours. The sets based on mil prints have two side pockets. These cute sets are made from cotton fabric and keep you comfortable throughout the day. They also make for perfect sleepwear. You can find these sets in blue and yellow colours as well in attractive prints.

The Indigo stripes shorts from Kessa are a perfect match for your daily t-shirts. They will accentuate the beauty of your jammies wardrobe and make you look effortlessly chic. They are comfortable on the skin and have a perfect fit. They have two side pockets for storing your essentials. The Ajrakh or Bagru printed shorts are something that you won’t find elsewhere. They are unique in their colour and prints. While you can find these prints on kurtas, Ajrakh printed shorts would make for a distinct piece in your jammies collection. You can pair them with t-shirts, bundies, or crop tops.

You can also go with mix and match home wear sets such as the Indigo top and mustard jammie short set. The bagru cotton short set keeps you comfortable yet offers a chic look.

There are several options for people who like jammies with long tops and pants. This pattern comes with three fourth sleeves and is perfect for all-day routine. You can also step out in these jammies. The night suit style jammies with long pants and shirts based on pure block printed cotton fabric must-have in your wardrobe.

With the unparalleled variety offered by Kessa, you can accentuate the beauty of your home wear.

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