Home Linen To Light Up Your Home This Festive Season

Bed Linen

The month of festivity has knocked the doors of Indian households. Diwali is celebrated for different reasons in India; Rama’s triumphant return to home is marked as a prominent one. We glorify our houses with lights, diyas, candles, torans, decorations with flowers, rangolis, and aesthetic home linens.

Home linens deck up the households with a rush of happiness. The fragrance of sweets and the hues of vibrant colors tickle our souls to sense joy, love, and victory. To amp up Diwali vibes, Kessa has an exclusive collection of colorful home linens that glorifies your home settings.

Add oomph to this festivity with our aesthetic home linens!

  1. Table mat

With oriental motif prints and charming color contrasts, our cotton canvas table mats sustain eco-friendliness even in the festivity. A vast collection of mats enhance the table settings with contrasting napkins. A nice arrangement of table mats looks more inviting for your guests. Made with pure cotton and dyed with high-quality pigments, our beautifully designed table mats enhance your dining experience during the festivity.

Table mats

For a stunning fusion of trend and tradition on this Diwali, decorate your home with our wonderful collection of table mats. The beautiful patterns and designs give your home a modern and ethnic feel.

  1. Pillow Shams

Shams was created from the concept of creating ‘false fronts’ in the pillow shams are meant for ornamenting cushions at your home. For perfect festive backdrops in your households, our sham covers create a luxurious and exquisite look.

Pillow Shams

Bringing a pop of color and texture, our handcrafted shams rejuvenate your home to celebrate happiness. Bold and vibrant shams look exciting and courteous for Diwali vibes. Blend of twinkling lights, crackling sounds, and colorful pillow shams amuse your home with love and happiness.

  1. Cushion covers

Revamp your lounging space with symmetrically printed floral designs. The Mughal prints and paisley motifs in the cushions portray royalty. During the festivals of lights and happiness, the charming and peppy colors of the cushions strew sweet fragrance. Ivory, red, maroon, yellow, and green are some of the classic colors to perk up your interiors.


This Diwali, welcome your idols with beautiful cushion colors that go well with the home linens.

  1. Table runners

Sloppy medieval folks pushed the advent of table runners. In well-decorated or luxurious homes, our table runners create perfect visual balance in table settings.


For people who love to create liveliness, prettify your table with our hand-block printed runners on cotton canvas. Diwali is an auspicious time to exhibit our signature designs and the glory of Indian craftsmanship.

  1. Bed linens

Aesthetic and zesty bedding rejoices the charm of the festive season. Adorn your home with garland glory, scented candles, and floral adornments. Illuminate the magnificence of your home with appealing bed linens that transform every corner of your space.



We hope you celebrate this Diwali with cheerful vibes and positive energy. Celebrate this auspicious occasion with us and create liveliness in your home with eco-friendliness. We hope this festival brings joy and prosperity.


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