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Kessa’ beddings for Impeccable affluence!

Bedsheets enhance the appeal of your room. The colorful bed linen keeps you enthusiastic and positive. Colors have a profound effect on our emotions. To avoid and mitigate the pessimistic vibes, we have a range of pretty and colorful bedsheets to gear up your day. Kessa provides cottony soft beddings that don’t drift off frequently and sit accurately the whole day. To add a point of interest to your home decor, Kessa is here with multiple ranges of bed sheets. 

It’s time to substitute your old and bland beddings with new and zesty luxury bedsheets online. 

Here is why you would want to love our bedsheets:

  1. Pure material - Promising to sustain eco-friendliness, Kessa uses natural fiber to form soft and easily settling bedsheets. The floaty bed covers are so delicate that don’t let you feel its existence. The pure cotton sheets support sound sleep. Our beddings require less maintenance and yet lasts for decades. The cotton fabric is naturally hypoallergenic that doesn’t cause irritation and improves the quality of your sleep. 
  2. Charming colors - Psychologically, it is proven that colors stimulate our emotions and mood. For our customers to be happy, we have piled up a pretty rich collection of vivid bed covers, pillow covers, and duvet covers. Each color has a different charm and so do our bed linens. From our collection of sheets, you have a choice to decorate your day according to your mood, style, and personality. 
  3. Fascinating prints - The tempting hand block prints given by our artisans create an aesthetic ambiance in your room. Kessa’s beddings have imprints of the traditional paisley motifs and its combination with eye-filling colors fills your home with the luxurious theme. These sheets have been securely sewn and the hand designs draw a professional layout of the artistry. You can buy cotton bedsheets online at  
  4. Absorbency - Without compromising on comfort, the bedding feels cool to touch and imbibes the wetness promptly. Our beautifully woven cotton sheets can trap approx. 0.3 gallons of water. It provides excellent protection against dust mites and bacteria. 

Tips to care for cotton bedsheets:

  1. Cotton sheets are very commonly used almost everywhere. Hence, must be cared to increase its life. 
  2. Our cotton sheets have good absorbency, thus attract a lot of body soil. To keep it clean, it should be washed every two weeks. If the sheets look filthy due to greasy stains, then only consider washing with hot water, otherwise wash regularly with cold or normal water. 
  3. Be careful while choosing detergents. The harsh chemicals contribute to the fading of the sheets and loosening of the threads. It can damage the quality of the sheets sooner. Use gentle detergents and fabric softener to increase the lifespan and durability of the beddings. 
  4. The absorbing nature of cotton secures its place for separate washing. So, prefer washing it separately to avoid mixing the colors from a different piece of clothes. 
  5. Do not expose the cotton bedding at high temperatures. Prefer drying under shade or low heat. This retains the pigment in the beddings and its durability increases. 

Kessa is an emerging brand that is striving to enhance the quality and showcase Indian artistry through exclusive collections. Our bed sheets online shopping is the new trend that helps customers to pick the best at their convenience.