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One Quilt for All Seasons!

A lot of places in India, especially in the Northern belt, experience severe chilly winters and hence the need for quilts. Many times, the weather tends to get so chilled that a single quilt does not suffice. In such a case when one quilt does not suffice, covering yourself with two or more heavy quilts can make you feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic because of the unnecessary weight they carry.

At Kessa, you can choose from over a variety of feather-light quilts which are sure to keep you warm and cozy even in freezing weather. More so, these quilts are available in a variety of prints and colours which makes your online purchase of quilt all the more interesting. 

The lightest in weight quilt which keeps you the warmest is the Jaipuri Razai. It has a history which can be traced back to the nomadic times. Staying in the bone-chilling desert winter nights, the nomads of Northern Rajasthan felt the need for a cozy blanket which sheltered them from the freezing cold and, at the same time, was also easy for them to carry while on their nomadic exploration. This is what birthed the Jaipuri Razai.

At Kessa, your experience of buying quilt online will be a whole new experience as you get a huge print and colour palette to choose from. 

Star features of the feather-light Jaipuri Razai


The quilts at Kessa are woven in cotton. Cotton, being the most comfortable and breathable fabric, makes it convenient to use even for someone with the most sensitive skin. 

Blanket for all seasons

Saving you from the chilly winter bites and at the same time comforting you in the midnight chill of summer air conditioning, the Jaipuri Razais at Kessa serve you a versatile purpose.

Aesthetic feel

The combination of cloudy soft cotton fabric with prints like block print, booti print, Mughal print and more gives these quilts a very beautiful and aesthetic feel.

Intricacies of the Rajasthani block printing on quilts

The craft of block printing has been into existence for over a hundred years now. Various fabrics dyed with natural colours is what strikingly distinguishes the block print from other prints. For dying cotton fabric with block print, long cotton sheets are spread on a table. Post that, wooden blocks are dipped in natural dyes and impressions are made on the cotton cloth.

The block prints signify the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan - the place where the Jaipuri Razai originated. With imprints like that of Rajasthani folk dance to elephants, fortress, camels and royal palaces - these handcrafted quilts are a result of sheer hard work and dedication of the craftsmen weaving these beauties. Not only are these beautiful and aesthetically printed feather-light quilts being loved by Indians but a lot of foreigners are also feeling attracted towards this versatile quilt. 

Being able to find such a rich variety of bed quilts online to choose from, elevates your purchasing experience. At Kessa, we aim to provide you single and double bed quilts with the best in class fabric which serves you multi-purpose and round the year. If you wish to invest in a piece that is super useful, comes in handy and is also a beautiful addition to your bedroom then Jaipuri Razai at Kessa is the way to go!