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The time of the soft and cozy feeling is about to hit the doors. We all need those extra minutes to sleep more. Kessa is here to give comfort and coziness with the soft quilts. Our AC blankets are perfect to produce warmth in air conditioning temperatures. The cotton-padded quilts are lightweight. Cotton quilts are highly durable to regulate body temperatures. Both the colors and designs set an aesthetic vibe in your room.

For a healthy sleep, explore our range to buy cotton quilt online from .

Here is Why You Should Love Our Cotton Quilts:

  1. Soft fabric - Kessa promises to retain sustainability and eco-friendliness. We use pure cotton to tailor the soft quilts. Being a natural fiber, cotton treats your skin with love. With a soft touch, it allows your skin to breathe and get a sensation of freshness. The cotton fabric is used as the innermost and outermost layers of the quilts. The sheer and gauzy texture of cotton is filled and sandwiched in between. These 3 layered light quilts maintain the temperature under them.
  2. Alluring Colors - We love to bring out an energetic and happy mood for you. Colors are to lift your mood. Kessa has a wide range of collections of multiple colors. The perfect blend of the colors and designs adorns your home setting. Our quilts settle with excellence. The fusion of the prime colors gives them a glorious and calming effect. Quilts of the color that complement the color of your elevates the appearance of your comfort space.
  3. Exquisite Patterns - The quilts feature exquisite and oriental prints on both sides. Rooting from our tradition and culture, we have designed the quilts with hand block prints. Ajrakh, Bagru, Mughal, paisley motif leaf, and various other floral prints have been imprinted manually. These prints adorn the quilts beautifully. A pro tip is, pick the prints and colors of the quills that contrasts well with your home linens as well.
  4. Perfect Size - Deciding the quilt size is a vital decision before buying. Always go for a size up to the bed. This helps you to wrap yourself better for cozy comfort. The best thing is we have a collection of all-sized quilts. You can choose any for your convenience and your mood. For an extra bed size, buy a quilt online double bed and beautify the surrounding.

Impact of a right quilt on your sleep:

  1. Sleep deprivation adversely affects your physical and mental health. Hence, it is important to take care of the necessary elements in your room.
  2. Our luxurious quilts give you a better sleep keeping you refreshed. A sound sleep boosts your immune system as well.
  3. On average, we spend one-third of our life sleeping. You should ensure it should be comfortable and safe. Our quilts are soft and comfortable.
  4. A few colors have an anxious effect on you while some vibrant colors convey calm and peace. Pick the right color of the linens and create a relaxing space.
  5. Keep your quilts clean and germ-free otherwise, it collects a layer of sweat and dead skin cells.