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Table runners fusion for beautifying the context

The fact behind the innovation of the table runners is interesting. These were invented in the middle ages because the medieval folks were sloppy. The wise women came up with this great concept. A table runner is a narrow piece of cloth laid on the top of the table from one end to another. These are used in different ways. 

  1. If the runners are laid on the center of the table, it sets up a decorative picture in a room. 
  2. The arrangement across the table defines the seating.

Table runners are more decorative than placemats. It can be used on the bare table or over the table cloths. 

Buy table runner to leverage on its multiple advantages. 

Features of table runners for appealing ambiance:

Table runners serve multiple purposes. 

  1. Table runners are more decorative than placemats. It can be used on the bare table or over the table cloths.
  2. In well-decorated homes, table runners add style. Along with creating perfect visual balance in table settings, they add more color and texture.
  3. Our table runners create an aesthetic backdrop creating an exquisite piece in your home environment. 
  4. This piece of the table element help creating a design statement. It enhances the encircling decoration. 

Reasons to love Kessa’s table mats

  1. Soft cloth - To create a cohesive look throughout the home, it is best to choose the same fabric for your table runners as well as your home linen. At Kessa, we have an extensive range of runners, bed linen, and towels to give your home an aesthetic look and royal feel. We have a collection of table runners on cotton canvas with our signature designs. These settle perfectly to smoothen the process and need manual adjustments for your convenience. 
  2. Easy to clean - Placed in the middle of the table, the runners serve a purpose to keep your table neat and tidy. From the initial time of gathering to the end of it, the mats look new and intact. These are easy to clean with fewer efforts and less care. 
  3. Accurate size - Usually, the table runners aren’t long. The standard sizing must be 14-17 inches in the width. The more and less of it doesn’t look attractive. Be selective for the runners considering these mats as per the size of your table. 
  4. Traditional designs - The canvas mat has handprint designs to give a traditional appeal. Furnished with Ajrakh, Mughal, and Bagru prints, the table runners set the perfect epitome of Indian artistry. 

Guide to make the most of the table runners:

  1. Table runners should have an equal drop on both ends. It shouldn’t exceed the depth of 15 inches. If the table runner is decorated over the table cloth, the length of the fall should match on both sides. 
  2. If the length of the runner is significantly shorter then the runner must be used underneath the centerpiece. 
  3. The table runners used in front of each chair are used as placemats to give a pleasant look around each sitting.
  4. Table runners laid lengthwise one after the other can be used to separate the seating and represent a sophisticated arrangement. 

To match the contrast of your home elements, Kessa has varieties of table runners. Buy table runner online and decorate your home linen.