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Style your Bedding with the Chic Pillow Shams

Bed shams are decorative cases for pillows. Unlike pillow covers, shams purely serve the purpose of the ornamentation of the cushions. Shams are also referred to as ‘false front’. Using pillows just to lay your head on? Not anymore! Pillows can be used for creating an exquisite look. The differently sized pillows are for you to help accommodate personal preferences. From fluffy to bland, Kessa has a colossal collection of shams. These are comfortable, 

For turning function to fashion, replace your pillow covers with shams. Buy shams online at

Styles of shams

For modernistic people, there are multiple varieties of shams available. For a perfect backdrop in every household, Kessa is here for you with a rich collection. 

  1. Usual bed shams - The bed shams that perfectly layers up the standard pillows are standard sizing. 26 inches long and 20 inches wide is the typical pillow size. 
  2. Queen sham - Queen-sized pillows measure 30 and 20 in length and width respectively. These don’t easily come by. Their size falls between the standard and king-sized pillows.  
  3. King-sized shams - They own the size of 36 inches by 20 inches. Bold and vibrant pillow shams create supreme liveliness and comfort in your bed. 
  4. European sham - These shams decorate square pillows typically 20 inches measurement. These pillows are most attractive and look more courteous in an aesthetic arrangement. 
  5. Boudoir sham - A boudoir sham is a pretty little cover for rectangular pillows. These measure 12 inches long and 16 inches wide. Generally, the boudoir pillows are provided with shams. You can swap the shams with our pleasant sham covers. 

Shams come in varying closures to protect the pillow. Although shams are sewed in different fibers. Buy shams from our store. We have percale pillow shams that look chic and give a feel of luxury to your home. 

Ways to style bed shams

The simple task of arranging the bed shams isn’t easy as it looks. A slight alteration in the alignment might make or break the visual emergence of the appeal. 

  1. Pillow shams are great for bringing a pop of color and texture. With the changing seasons, shams refresh the home theme.
  2. The basic arrangement of pillows is to stack them. With the cuffs pointed out towards the edges of the bed, place your sleeping pillows. Following that, place your pillow shams on the top of the large-sized pillows. This arrangement succeeds only when you are dealing with pillows of the same size. This popular method smoothly creates a uniform look. For an added decorative touch, you can prefer aligning accent pillows as well. 
  3. Layering is a great way to build an aura in the setting. With the different sizes of pillows, layering does wonder. Firstly, align the sleeping pillows against the headboard. Then, decorate a row of euro pillows shams. Accessorize the bed shams with decorative bolsters in front.  

Asymmetric styling of the pillows is good for an organic look. Keeping the larger pillows on the side and boudoir and euro-sized pillows on the other side. For a more traditional outlining of similar pillow shams, buy pillow shams from our store.