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Towels to tweak the prevalence!

The towels have different purposes to serve and come in different varieties. Bath towels and hand towels are the types of towels that are used every day by everybody. Kessa has multiple ranges of thick and durable towels that dry you as soon as it touches your skin. We have specially designed them to be skin-friendly and the hand block prints give you a way to flaunt. 

At, you’ll find staple choices to buy towel online

  1. Soft fabric- We believe in eco-friendliness. Kessa uses biodegradable fibers like cotton. Towels are for regular use so get durable after every wash cycle for a certain period of time. Our offered set contains hand, face, small, and long towels which makes it the safest and nicest out there. 
  2. Appealing colors - The charming colors in the towels fill you with freshness and energy in the mood. We have gathered a bunch of colorful towel sets to create positivity all around. The perfect blend of designs and colors gives you an affluent feel and is a good choice for your morning showers. 
  3. Creative designs - Growing and working with the Indian artisans, they glorify the artistry through stamping creative and exclusive designs by hand. Kessa admires and puts up the efforts to offer you a set of traditionally designed towel sets. 

Reasons to love Kessa’s towel set:

  1. We use pure cotton to design the different-sized towels. These have a soft texture that doesn’t harm your skin and gently wipe off the dirt and liquid from your epidermis. 
  2. Our collection of towels are a classic piece of the best absorbent. It doesn’t leave you damp. The soft texture of the towels smoothly cleans out the water from your body. You can check out our reasonable towel set price to find your suitable fit.
  3. The cotton towels have more absorbency and its nature of being soft makes it skin-friendly. Cotton towels allow enough air passage to help you be comfortable and you don’t hesitate to opt for it next time.
  4. Our durable cotton towels have been designed and offered in a set of four types of towels. The threads do not scrape out easily when washed and lasts for a long time. 
  5. The hand-printed Mughal motifs in our towels perfectly fit for aesthetic decor of your bathroom. The perfectly designed and aligned towels look really appealing in the bathrooms. Kessa’s towel collection leaves a luxurious theme in the backdrop in your home. 

Tips to pick the best towel:

  1. Towel shopping is a touchy process. Certainly, you would choose soft and luxurious towels. Go for a fabric that is soft and highly absorbent. Cotton is one among them. Our cotton towels imbibe the pool of liquid and moisture in seconds. 
  2. From a variety of sizes, decide on your suitable standard size for towels. Although, we provide all sized towels for your convenience. 
  3. Pick a towel of a weight that meets your needs. A bathroom towel should be of more weight than kitchen and hand towels. 

Kessawear is a brand that ensures to offer high-quality towels for our dearest customers. At, you can buy towel sets online for yourself or gift somebody.