Invest in the Hand Block Print Linen and Give A Trendy Makeover to Your Home

block print bedsheets

Everyone loves to adorn their homes with the latest accessories and elements. The trends keep on changing, just like the fashion arena. While some like to invest in vintage items for their home, others like to give it a contemporary touch. One such trend that is catching a wave is the hand block print. The block print is a traditional art form from Indian roots. It is practiced by the craftsmen in Rajasthan. 

How block print is making a come back

Though block print was losing its hold some years back, it is now being embraced by people from all walks of life. The fashion industry first revived block print, and since then, there has been no looking back. We can see block printmaking debut in a variety of items apart from fashion apparel.

Why invest in block prints

You can now find block print bed sheets, towels, bed covers, cushion covers, table mats, and so much more for your home. With block print items, you can add a vintage charm to your home. The vibrant colours and unique designs give a fresh look to the home.

If you have plain white or ivory walls with earthy tone décor in your room, the block print will break the monotony and add colours to your bedroom. You can choose from a variety of colours and prints when it comes to block print bedsheets onlineYou can also but block print bedcovers and quilts. The AC block print AC quilts are very popular among urban households owing to their gorgeous designs and colours. 

In fact, block print bedsheets are a huge trend in Europe and the USA. People who visit India get enchanted by our glorious heritage and rich art forms. Block prints are being embraced by the West as well. These colourful prints and unique designs have caught the attention of people abroad, and they are happily adorning their homes with our gorgeous block print bedsheets and linen. 

Apart from bed sheets and linens, you can also buy towel online in block print. The bath and hand towels are a beautiful addition to your towel sets. They are soft, absorbent, as well as are a visual delight with amazing colourful designs.

Kessa, for your block print home solution

Kessa is an Indian fashion brand that is promoting ancient art and craft forms of India. Along with reviving the glorious art forms and traditional fabrics, we are also promoting Sustainable fashion. After successfully catering to women from all walks of life with stunning fashion apparel, Kessa has also ventured into block print home solutions.

The collection consists of bed sheets, bed covers, table mats, quilts, towels, and more. Kessa Wear aspires to inspire people to go the slow fashion way as it is the true essence of a green lifestyle. Apart from our online portal, we also have retail stores in major cities of the country. 

Explore our collection online or offline and grab your hands on some exquisite block print pieces for giving a trendy makeover to your home. 



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