Is Block Print The New Sustainable And Slow Fashion?

Block Print Double Bedsheet

The fashion arena keeps witnessing newer trends from time to time. These days the fashion world is embracing ancient craft and art forms. What happens if the fashion industry becomes a part of the lifestyle? One such art form is Block printing which is making waves in the market. The age-old art form is being extensively used in creating outfits as well as home accessories.

Block Print Making Headlines

Irrespective of where the fashion originally belonged to, unconventional and traditional styles are being embraced by people with open arms. The Rajasthan’s hand block print is the new fashion trend. Whether it is outfits or accessories such as quilts, the block prints add impeccable charm with lovely designs and vibrant colours. The block print designs are not just catching attention in India, but it is trending across the globe.

Make Block Prints A Part of Your Lifestyle

The block prints are a perfect addition to your lifestyle. It is not just trendy but sophisticated and elegant. It is simple yet leaves an everlasting impression. The fashion industry is abuzz with beautiful block print kurta, sarees, dupattas, dresses, and tops. Apart from clothing, block print bedsheets, bed covers, pillow covers, cushion covers, and quilts are also trending. It’s a fresh break from the usual bedding and sofa accessories that people commonly adorn their homes with.

Giving an unconventional makeover to the house has become the new cool. Especially people who like contemporary home décor find block prints quite cool. Even celebrities are making block prints a part of their home. Several renowned celebrities are following the block print trend and using accessories on the same lines in their splendid homes.

Block Prints Are Here to Stay

What makes block print unique is that it is here to stay, unlike most trends that come and go. Block print has become the new sustainable fashion. In a world where we are facing global warming and several other environmental crises, we should try to adopt sustainable fashion to lessen the carbon footprints caused by fast fashion. There is beauty in slow fashion, and we should all make a conscious choice of adopting it.

How Kessa is Reviving Block Prints?

If you are looking for a block print bed quilt online, KessaWear is the right choice for you. KessaWear offers a variety of fashion solutions for your contemporary lifestyle. From clothing and accessories to home collection, you can find everything under one roof. Kessa is reviving ancient art forms such as block print which is reflected in every piece from the brand. Our stunning collection has lovely block print designs in different fabrics and colours.

We use sustainable fabric and natural colours for creating lovely pieces. Every item is no less than a piece of art. Block print is evidently the new cool and happening trend that one must follow. It is not a fad that will disappear with time; block print is the sustainable fashion that is here to stay and for us to indulge and enjoy.

If you are looking for a home collection or double bed sheets onlineexplore Kessa and find your favourites under one roof.

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