Kessa 3-Layered Masks: The Prettiest Shield To Fight COVID

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It has long been established by the World Health Organization (WHO) that effective masking coupled with hand hygiene and social distancing are the most effective weapons to fight COVID-19 in our humble arsenal. Unfortunately, there is still a dearth of masks in the market that adhere to the WHO guidelines. 

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So, at Kessa we decided to take matters into our own hands (sanitized to perfection) and created the perfect masks that not only strictly adhere to all the guidelines outlined by WHO but also look super cute. Still, wondering what makes our masks special? Let’s take a look. 

  1. 3 distinct layers of protection 

Our ergonomic masks are made up of 3 distinct layers of fabric to restrict and prevent aerosol transmission of infectious virus from an infected individual to a healthy individual. 

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The innermost layer of our masks is made out of super-soft and highly absorbent 100% cotton fabric. This not only ensures comfort but also restricts droplets from escaping significantly. Cotton is hypoallergenic making our masks a perfect solution for people with sensitive skin. 

The middle layer is made out of non-woven polypropylene that holds an electrostatic charge. Studies have found the material to restrict as much as 95% of airborne transmissions.  

And, the final layer is also absorbent cotton. 

  1. Nose clips 

Our masks have tailored with in-built nose clips that come as a blessing for those who wear spectacles and fogging remains a persistent and annoying issue. 

The nose clip also adds to the masks’ ability to restrict onward transmission. 

  1. Hand block printed beauties 

We have noticed a significant increase in the usage of masks when it is viewed as a stylish accessory instead of a boring medical contraption. That’s exactly why we put in extra effort to feature exquisite hand-block prints on our masks. They are an ode to the age-old charm of the Indian craft and adds a ton of aesthetic appeal to even your most boring outfits.  

Mask 3

  1. Reusable

A massive problem that’s steaming under the chaos of the pandemic is the gargantuan generation of waste, especially, in the guise of one-time use surgical masks. The waste is not only medically hazardous but also non-biodegradable. 

Mask 4

The solution? Reusable masks! 

You can use our mask multiple times after washing it with warm water and soap. Make sure you wash it every time you wear it. Having a few extra pairs is always a smart idea to maintain optimum hygiene at all times. 

  1. High-coverage 

Our masks are designed to cover the nose, mouth, and chin to perfection as recommended by WHO. We use high-quality durable elastic loops to ensure a snug fit that lowers the flow of droplets dramatically. 

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The elasticated loops are also super-gentle on your skin; causing no irritation, redness, or pain while you wear the mask.  

Now that you know the plethora of benefits offered by our masks, it time to get it for yourself and all your loved ones. Join the revolution to make masking a norm in society. Not just for today, but also tomorrow. 

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