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Comfort in all sizes

Babies spend the majority of their day sleeping. This makes it necessary for parents to pay utmost attention while purchasing bedding for their little ones. Their comfort should be given topmost priority. If a baby is not comfortable while in bed, it would not be comfortable awake. Kessa helps you provide the best bedding to your infant.

We have a very rich collection of baby quilts for your child to sleep at ease. Keeping the comfort level in mind, we design our quilts with utmost delicacy. Here is what all we have to offer:

Soft and delicate material

Taking care of the sensitive skin of babies, our quilts are made up of only natural fibres like cotton. Cotton is hypoallergenic and breathable for the skin. This prevents kids from having rashes and irritation. Non-organic bedding might cause headache and dizziness. Kessa designs its baby quilts with fabrics that feel as close as possible to a mother’s touch.

Ideal size

Babies grow in size every day. This sometimes makes it difficult for parents to choose the right size of quilt for their growing infants. The larger size of quilts tend to entangle the baby’s limbs. On the other hand, the shorter ones fail to completely cover their body. Kessa has just the right solution to this. With numerous options of sizes to choose from, we make sure to provide utmost comfort to your baby in its sleep.

Alluring colours

Even though infants do not understand anything, but they do enjoy colours. We offer a variety of eye-catching colours to choose from.  This helps the baby remain happy in the surrounding that it is in.

Exquisite patterns

The more fascinating the patterns are, the more playful the child will remain. At Kessa, we have cute baby quilt patterns. Our artisans have put in their creativity to design patterns that keep up the happy spirit.

Every parent will always want to give their child the best experience. Here are a few tips which come in handy while choosing the perfect baby quilt to buy online for your little one:

  • Your first preference should be a fabric that is easily breathable. No fabric other than cotton is as easy to breathe in. While choosing a baby quilt, always go in for natural and eco-friendly fabrics like cotton. They are soft, easy to use and also low on maintenance.
  • Consider the right quilt size according to how big or small your baby is. It has been observed that a lot of times, Indian people tend to buy a bigger quilt for their infants. Doing this is not a very good idea as bigger quilts hinder the baby’s body movements. Remember that your little ones are very delicate. Make sure that they do not feel suffocated under the huge size of quilts. It is always advisable to find the right fit of quilt before purchasing.
  • Bright colours and appealing patterns tend to engage the infants for a longer time. As babies do not have a very far vision, the objects near to them must bear cheerful colours. It keeps their mood joyful and also induces better sleep during the day and night.

Kessa is the answer to all your questions regarding the quilt you wish to get for you little one. Come have a look at the variety of baby quilts online we have to offer and give your child maximum comfort.