Kurta Pajama – An Indian Essential That Went Global

Kurta Pajama set

Originating from the Urdu and Persian words “kurtah” meaning a loose-fitting collarless shirt and “pay-jama” meaning clothing for legs, the modern-day Kurta Pajama has emerged as an attire of antiquity. The rich history of this ancient garment set stretches over millennia. A garb of grace and finesses is what makes it a highly wanted clothing of convenience. The widespread popularity and acceptance of this raiment can be traced back to its far and wide prevalence amongst the Aryan settlers across the expanse of India.

The Indus Valley Civilization of North and North-West India witnessed a widespread practice of stitching. Originally, the Kurta Pajama was a cultural dress of the Indian subcontinent. It was only post the British colonization of India that the concept of this garment pair spread across other parts of the world. Ever since Indians adopted the Kurta Pajama as ethnic wear all over the country, this garment has evolved and been re-invented numerous times.

A comfortable dressing option for both formal and casual occasions, the Kurta and Pajama are a match made in heaven. It has seen innumerable variations from experimenting with fabrics to streamlining the form of silhouette used. With silk and cotton Kurtas being in high demand during summers and winters bringing in Kurtas woven out of wool and Khadi silk, this versatile piece of clothing serves you round the year. Let’s dive deeper into the different styles of the indigenous Kurta Pajama.

To Adorn The Feminine Grace

Nothing can beat the comfort of a cotton kurta during the sweltering summers. When the temperature runs uncomfortably high, this hassle-free garment piece comes to the rescue. The classy, cool and easy-going relaxed-fit of a Kurta Pajama promises unparalleled comfort throughout the day. Exuding delicate feminine elegance with flattering cuts and alluring prints, this garment set creates an uber-chic modern look laced with ethnic charm.

Kurta Pajama

Try out the Kurta and Pant Set, Kurta Pajama Set, Kurta Pant Dupatta Set and Sharara Kurta Set from our collection that has the same feel of the ancient Kurta Pajama but with a twist of modern design.

A Must-have For The Macho Man

A Kurta Pajama set for men is a traditional wear with a blend of comfort and style. With fashion trends changing every season and creativity touching new heights, you can now mix and match your staple Kurta Pajama outfit to bring out fresh looks. Primitively, this attire was completely Indian. Over time, it has taken different forms with various combinations of patterns and fabrics. The Kurta Pajama can now also be carried as an Indo-Western outfit by replacing the traditional pajama with straight fit pants.

Kurta Pajama set for men

For The Playful Kids

Your little one must definitely be having some unique quirky dressing style, isn’t it? While selecting Kclothing options that explode with colours and patterns, do not forget to opt for garments that provide utmost comfort. Dress up your youngsters to look like fashionable divas and charming princes with a Kurta Pajama set that looks stylish, alongside maintaining their playful vibe. This ethnic garment set is certain to attract a round of compliments from the onlookers. Made out of 100% hypoallergenic cotton, the Kurta Pajama sets at Kessa ensure the proper breathability of your child’s skin.

kids wear Kurta Pajama

The Toddler Jammies Set, Kurta Pant Set, Kurta and Pajama with Printed Jacket and Complete Kurta Pajama Set at Kessa from the range of kids wear Kurta Pajama collection ass just the right amount of style statement to the comfort and make your little one stand out in the crowd.

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