Phenomenal Prints From The Majestic Mughal Era

Phenomenal Prints

The courtly sophistication of the Mughal aesthetic is unified. Extending from architecture to paintings to prints on clothes, the Mughal love for nature and attention to flora and fauna is closely linked to the representation of gardens, plants and animals in their paintings. Certain attributes of style in the Mughal era define the immense amount of skill put in by artisans to add life to polished paintings and architecture.

In recent times, the textile industry has also started incorporating opulent Mughal prints in various pieces of clothing to keep the aesthetic Mughal culture alive. The rich inks portray everything from stylized flowers, beautiful geometrical patterns and animal prints with sophistication and elegance. Let’s explore the magnificent charm of the different Mughal motifs.

The Flower Motif

Imaginary floral patterns and clear depictions of enormously cultivated flora of the Indian subcontinent have significant mention in the Mughal paintings and architecture. Naturalistic yet stylish floral and abstract motifs were extensively used as printing arabesque. Predominantly used on textiles, symmetrical floral design can be notably seen in the rich heritage of the Mughal era.

Driving home the colossal prevalence of poppies, lilies and jasmines from the Mughal art, Kessa has a magnificent range of Mulmul-made hand-block printed quilts. Floral iris motifs printed on soft muslin cloth display the beguile allure of Mughal prints.

printed quilts

The queenly opulence of the front open Anarkali kurta from our collection takes inspiration from the courtly fashion of the Mughals. Fine Gota Patti embellishments, coupled with the vivacious and fairly realistic floral motifs, make this piece of clothing strikingly beautiful.

Anarkali kurta

The Geometrical Motif

The Mughal era saw marvellous decoration on walls with inlay work, stucco and painting. Beautifully painted geometric patterns are popularly being replicated by the textile industry to spread the magnanimity of The Mughal art and culture. The era of splendour and grandeur portrayed prints with outlines that exceptionally project the Mughal theme.

The intricate and meticulous hand-printed Ajrakh saree in our collection has been crafted out of the finest Chanderi silk. The sheen and brilliance of this clothing piece are inspired by the plush of Mughal prints.


The elegant Indigo colour has had a rich history from the Mughal era. Splendid geometric patterns woven on the soft hypoallergenic cotton shirt promise comfort round-the-clock. With the textile and fashion industry progressing, Mughal motifs are being integrated into clothing prints to continue the dynamic legacy of the Mughals.

The Animal Print Motif

Mughal emperors were fond of wearing costumes curated with animal prints. This print originates from Sikar in Rajasthan and comprises animal prints, usually elephants, camels and horses. Textiles were adorned with decorative animal prints and naturalistic landscapes. The modern aesthetic is characterized by adding a stylish touch to contemporary clothing prints.

The fusion of traditional designs with modernist techniques gives birth to elegantly designed pieces of clothing. The elephant print boys’ shirt at Kessa is curated out of 100% pure cotton that makes it ideal to be worn during spring and summer. This casual comfort wear, coupled with a hint of the latest trends, speaks of elegant Mughal sophistication in clothing.

Boys shirt

Soft white muslin quilts portray a fairly organic appeal. The double-bed quilt in our collection with charming elephant print from the Mughal era makes this perfect for summer snoozes. The extravagant animal print screams of the culture and heritage of the glorious Mughal era.

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