Style Is Just a “Throw” Away

sofa throw

An aesthetic looking interior immediately lifts up your mood, isn’t it? To give that much needed glam to your room decor, a sofa throw is what you will need.

A sofa throw is a small multi-purpose aesthetic looking blanket. It enhances the normal boring look of a sofa and makes it look more appealing. It serves as a decorative pop of colour in the hall and bedroom aesthetics. Because of its versatile nature, it can even make for a great gifting option. It is super soft and gives a welcoming feel to come and sink into.

Sofa throw

Apart from adding colour and giving a cozy feel, a sofa throw also serves the following purposes:

Acts as a blanket in cold weather

This multi-purpose decor piece will keep you warm when the nights get chilly. You can lie down on your sofa and pull the throw over yourself for that much needed warmth. It acts like a small blanket which gives you just the right amount of comfort and relaxed feeling.

Is a boon for pet lovers

If you are a pet lover, then a sofa throw will come in very handy to you. It will help you keep your furniture free of any pet hair, alongside adding style to your room. Any pet hair that falls, falls on the throw and not on the sofa. You can then shake this throw outside your room for removing pet hair and you will be good to go.

Can also act as a sofa cover

If your sofa is outdated and you do not want to invest in a new sofa, invest in a good sofa throw. You can tuck this in the sofa just as you would tuck a sofa cover. It will serve the purpose and give an edgy look to your otherwise dull looking furniture.

sofa throws

Gives a royal finishing touch

Even if you have all your furniture intact, you can never go wrong with a good sofa throw. Due to its availability in various fabrics and colours, it gives your interior a very royal looking finishing touch. It would just be fair to call a sofa throw “a wild card accessory”.

For all the purposes it serves, certain etiquettes need to be followed while using a sofa throw.

If you want your interior to look aesthetic, you cannot just have a throw lying on your sofa. You will have to place it in a manner that makes your furniture look more appealing.

You must buy your throws keeping in mind the furniture you’ll be throwing it on and also where it will be placed. Different types of throws will require a different set of etiquettes to be followed:

  • The corner throw – can be casually thrown to give a more organic look to your furniture
  • The arm throw –choose this if the arm of the sofa is the first thing you see on entering a room
  • Back of the sofa throw – will instantly uplift the otherwise boring visual at the back of the sofa.

sofa throws

Serving as a beautiful piece of aesthetic decor, a sofa throw is indeed a good investment. At Kessa, we have a variety of these throws available in various fabrics, prints and colours. Come have a look for yourself before you decide upon the throw that makes your living space a lot more lively!

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