The Story Of Kota Doria: The Gossamer From India

Kota Doria Dupatta online

Tucked in Southern Rajasthan by the perennial Chambal River, the winding lanes of Kota are dotted with clusters of dexterous weaver communities. Dawn melts into dusk but these lanes continue to echo of the loom weaving one of the finest fabric known to the human eye – the Kota Doria. Kaithoon is a tiny town in Kota which is credited for creating the most beautiful Kota Doria fabric.

Kota is an oasis of rich black soil amidst the desert state of Rajasthan. The Chambal River fuses the dry air with just the right level of moisture to encourage the growth of high-quality cotton. The fine natural fiber of Kota cotton is maneuvered on the looms to create the ethereal, open weave Kota Doria fabric.

The Origin Story

The origin of the magical Kota Doria is veiled by folklore and mystery. However, one of the most famous theories propagates that the exquisite checkered-weave has its roots in the erstwhile kingdom of Mysore. It is believed that Rao Ram Singh, a Mughal Army General, aided in the migration of the Masuria weavers who practiced the craft of making this gossamer textile to Kota in the 17th century. Thus, gaining this textile the nickname of Masuria Muslin.

On the other hand, some also believe the textile is called Masuria because of its uncanny resemblance to masoor lentil. Whatever be the reality of its origin, we are happy to be blessed with the finesse of this charming textile.

Kota Doria was used for tying turbans for the royals before it emerged as opulent sarees mostly in the shaded of white and beige. And now, it populates our exquisite pieces in the guise of Kota Doria Dupatta online.

The Magic of Kota Doria – Characteristics

1. The term “Doria” translates to mean “thread” in English and aptly so. The lightweight, sheer fabric is achieved by fusing different beatings of cotton and silk yarns. Kota is also made in pure cotton.
2. Ideally, each tiny square that makes the fabric comprises a total of 14 yarns. Out of these 14, 8 are of cotton, and 6 are of silk. This imparts unparalleled softness and strength from the cotton. And, the silk infuses the characteristic sheen and floaty sheerness to Kota Doria fabric.
3. The mesh of yarn is often fused with fine zari to add a glimmer of gorgeous shimmer to the fabric.
4. The tiny squares are known as “Khat”. Fine Kota Doria fabric features low yarn count which gives it the signature gossamer-like sheer texture and feather-light feel. Thus, making it perfect for the sultry Indian summers.
5. Kota Doriasarees are often embellished with a beautiful zari border and/or block prints.

The Kessa – Kota connect

At Kessawaer, we have collaborated with seasoned craftsmen, women, and artisans who are experts of the Kota craft to bring you the crème de la crème of Kota Doria in the guise of designer dupatta online, kurtas, and complete sets.

Our team of designers often fuse the charm of this traditional handloom craft with modern design aesthetics to bring you the best of both worlds.

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