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Face Masks for Ultimate COVID protection

Since the COVID outbreak, we are compelled to cover our faces. We got to live like this temporarily. To protect everyone from the invasion of infecting virus into your body, Kessa has a good collection of masks. Men have a more robust face structure that requires masks to cover the nose, mouth, and chin properly. Masks have become an essential part. Since there are some boundaries for casual and formal get-ups, we have wonderful choices to contrast your dress code with our varying masks.

Kessa is all set to offer you a variety of masks. Explore our range and buy mask online from .

Reasons to buy masks from your new favorite store, Kessa:

  1. Cottony softness - Our masks are sewed with pure cotton. Cotton is a hypoallergenic fiber and is a super breathable fabric. You have to wear your mask continuously till the time you are in contact with other people. This increases the perspiration around your mouth and causes irritation. With our cotton masks, you get proper insulation of air. Some gentlemen love to grow their beards, our masks are still comfortable to wear for long hours on sultry days. The innermost and outermost layers of the masks are tailored with cotton fabric to feel and look comfortable.
  2. Patterns - We offer plain and printed patterns in masks. The soothing designs easily match your outfits. We hope to keep you safe from this contagious virus as soon as possible. We have a collection of appealing masks for all seasons.
  3. Fit - Humans have different facial structures. Either sharp or chubby maintenance of the face asks for different-sized masks. To cover your face accurately with comfort, you should have perfectly fitted masks. Our masks have been designed in layers. Every layer is functional to stop the virus. The multilayered masks ensure more protection to keep you safe.
  4. Colors - To complement your face, Kessa has numerous colorful masks. People have different skin tones. Few colors match few personalities. The masks in our collection go well with your every skin tone. Our handsome hunks have choices to pick their best colors in masks. Be it a casual day or formal gatherings, we have a range of every event-specific mask for you. The solid-colored masks give you a decent look.

Caring Tips for face masks during COVID:

  1. It is advisable to not touch your face mask directly. Wash your hands before and after using the mask.
  2. Clean your mask with soap and water if you are using fabric masks. Avoid using it continuously for more than 6-8 hours.
  3. To keep your mask perfectly settled, it has an elasticated loop. It helps you to hold and place your mask more flexibly.
  4. To take off your mask, remove it from the back and immediately wash or sanitize your hands. Don’t share your mask with anyone.
  5. Make sure your mask isn’t loose otherwise it fails the purpose instantly. Buy mask for men from our store for a perfect fit. To store your mask, choose a dry place with enough ventilation.