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Classic Suits online with a Touch of Modern Style at Kessa

When it comes to wardrobe staples for Indian women, the elegant and traditional ladies suit definitely wears the shimmering crown. What makes this elegant beauty such a must-have is definitely its versatility and comfort. It can take you from meetings to date night effortless with just a few styling tweaks here and there.

However, with the influx of cheap synthetic and polyester fabrics, the Indian market is being flooded with suits that should be nowhere near your wardrobe. We at Kessa were born out of this crisis to revive the fading fame of lush Indian fabrics, crafts, and printing techniques. But, when it comes to the style of suits for women, our team of designers is creating pieces that juxtapose chic modern cuts and styles with authentic Indian prints to marvellous pieces of art in the guise of clothing.

You will spot prints and thread work from every corner of the Indian subcontinent on our designer suits for women starting from the hand block prints to Ajrak from the western states, Batik from Chennai, Kantha work from Bengal, Dabu, Sanganeri and Bandhani from Rajasthan, Bagh from Madhya Pradesh, Kalamkari from Andhra just to name a few. We are truly bringing back authentic Indian prints, fabrics, and craft with a massive bang.

To top of the beautifully design kurta and bottoms, we curate the most beautiful, flowing dupattas to drape gracefully around your neck. Lightweight ones like the chiffon Bhartiya featuring wavy pattern in vivid colors, ethereal Kota Doria which is India’s take on the mesh trend (long before it became a trend) to heavily embroidered Banarasi dupattas that will definitely turn every neck in the room. So, whether you like your outfits to have a subtle charm or want it to make a statement with its uniqueness, you will find something in our arsenal.

When it comes to the bottoms of the suits, we love traditional flowy shararas to modern, streamlined cigarette pants and everything in between. But one thing that remains constant in all our pieces is the unparalleled comfort they offer to the wearer. Our sustainable approach has taught us to natural source fabrics like silk and cotton of impeccable quality ethically. These fabrics are a dream to wear and add a luxurious touch to our designs that can never be replicated with synthetics. Their breathability makes them a perfect choice for the sultry tropical summers while their soft touch on the skin adds the perfect layer under your heavy jackets and cardigans in the colder months.

Our timeless designs and durable fabrics ensure that every piece retains their lustre even after years of wear, so you do not get sucked into the vicious cycle of fast fashion.