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Kessa Jsr03 Gurkha Green And White Jammies Set 6Kessa Jsr03 Gurkha Green And White Jammies Set 7
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Comfortable yet Stylish Loungewear

Our personal and professional boundaries are blurred these days. We have spent a lot of time at home. We are addicted to comfort now. Do you miss dressing up to go out? Probably, yes. Well, the jammies can be attractive too. Kessa’s collection of home wear sets gives you an exquisite look at your comfort level. Home is the only constant place for everyone to chill and relax. It demands comfortable clothing to manage house chores easily. Being a timeless clothing piece, we have created fancy jammies for you to lounge around at home. Explore our beautiful collection of loungewear to glam your everyday home look.

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  1. Comfort - The curated jammies set is purely tailored with 100% cotton. Our loungewear collection is casual, soft, and comfortable. Cotton is a fabric that is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. Be it any type of skin, it doesn’t cause any irritation to your body. The premium quality cotton promises the durability of the jammies. To protect you from the sultry days and nights, our home wear set allows enough flexibility for you.
  2. Colors - To complement your skin tone, we have a range of colorful jammies set. Colors are great mood enhancers. Our casual range of home wear is soaked in soothing and calming colors. They make it perfect for comfortable nights. We use colors that blend with each trend and are evergreen to satiate your eyes. Wear it anyway and look beautiful and appealing.
  3. Styles - Our tailored jammies come in multiple styles like the collared style and round neck. Women always need varieties for their functional days. Kessa’s comfortable home wear collection will confuse you to pick your favorite. The fashionable outfit lets you flaunt. Our collection gives you a feel of supreme affluence. It’s time to kick off your old and rugged nightwear. Refresh your wardrobe with Kessa’s colossal jammies set.
  4. Designs - Accentuate your home look effortlessly with the traditionally designed jammies. They portray the glory of our Indian artistry. Immersed in the traditional vibes, the jammies have dainty Ajrakh and Bagru prints that keep you looking polished and elegant. The prints go perfectly with the sultry days’ aura. The developed exclusive piece of jammies adds liveliness to your personality.

Effect of comfortable clothing on your health

  1. Everyone has a routine of dressing up every day. Switching from dressing up regularly for the workplace to casual wear might affect your mental wellness.
  2. The physical discomfort due to clothing disturbs your whole day and messes with your mood as well.
  3. The tight clothing brings dermal allergies and infections. Avoid wearing skinny clothes in the summers as it affects your sleep and comfort.
  4. Make sure you dry your clothes nicely to avoid bacterial invading.
  5. Wear jammies according to the seasonal effects. It becomes a point of concern, especially on summery days.

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