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Kessa Kj06 Red Beige Full Sleeves Quilted Long Jacket FeaturedKessa Kj06 Red Beige Full Sleeves Quilted Long Jacket Sitting
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Sustainable Jackets for Every Season and Mood 

From skirts to jeans to dresses, jackets add a ton of visual interest to your outfits. It is versatile enough to pair with any clothing. Jackets are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. With the evolution of fashion trends, jackets have also evolved in their silhouettes, styles, and functionality. 

Kessa has several collections of long jackets that are a classic piece of clothing that has been and will continue to be in trend for a long time. Kessa also has a wide collection of short jackets. Some with sleeves while others without. Different necklines, colors, and textures. Basically, we will spoil you for choice. 

You have a number of options in long jackets online at to create a fashion statement and be a fashion star!

Here are the things that Kessa offers in the clothing sets:

Jackets to keep you cozy or cool 

We use cotton or silk to create sleek jackets for varied Indian body shapes. Be it summers or winters, cotton is always ahead in the race of skin-friendly fabric. Even during the jittery winters, our smartly designed layered jackets are sure to keep you toasty without making you sweaty. That’s the beauty of cotton!    

No sizing drama! 

Long jackets give you an exquisite look effortlessly. Irrespective of what body shape you own, our perfect compilation molds into your body shape and size to give you the perfect fit. We have multiple options for jackets. Kessa also assists you throughout your purchasing journey with helpful sizing guides. Offering multiple sizing choices, Kessa promises to be a body-positive brand. 

Colors that pop

We sell a charming rainbow of colors in jackets for every occasion. Every color delights your day. We use high-quality natural pigments to create vibrant colors that make even neutral shades pop.

Flattering fits 

The loose-fitting flaccid jackets only add to your disheveled appearance. Moreover, such clothes are extremely uncomfortable and definitely not appropriate for work or parties. Our well-tailored perfectly fitted long jackets enhance your style and are designed to keep your body movement flexible. 


Depending on the type of occasion, we have a dedicated collection of jackets like formal, casual, and party worthy. Featuring Indian handicrafts, Kessa has exclusively designed jackets that have a pretty overlay of Ikkat, Bagru, and other patterns that represent the charm of Indian handicraft in the textile and fashion.

Jackets for:

  1. Winter wear - To style up during winters, we have exquisite pieces of quilted cotton half jackets that look super cool in casual as well as formal styling sessions. For your convenience, pockets are designed on both sides. 
  2. Summer wear - Summers must as be as stylish as winters and we have funky long jacket-styled kurtas to embellish your ways of styling. Highlighted gota work on the outline of this double-layered long jacket styled kurta is the key to grab the attention of people around you.

Kessa offers high-quality jackets in terms of cuts, fits, and stretchability that flaunts your body and gives you an ultimate chic look. From our collection of long ethnic jackets, you are all set to look desi and glamorous!