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Sarees to Celebrate Indian Heritage in Style 

The history of the saree can be traced back to the time of the Indus Valley civilization. The vibrant tradition of sarees started as a humble drape then and has emerged as the most preferable garment now; when it comes to getting a gorgeous and courteous appearance at the same time. The beauty of the saree lies in its versatility. Be it in terms of intricate drapes that are specific to every region in the country. To the fact that it can be flaunted by every age group with equal elan and grace. 

Kessa has a bucket full of options for you to go for designer sarees online shopping. Check out these qualities to make your new favorite here:

1. Lush fabric 

 We use the two most obvious fabrics - silk and cotton - to weave our delightful six yards of grace and beauty. Staying close to our traditional roots, Kessa is reviving classic cotton sarees with a twist of modern aesthetics. Our flowy cotton sarees are favorable for an everyday look and are super comfy to pick up even for your formal days at work. On the contrary, silk sarees are perfect for parties and create the most gorgeous drapes. 

2. Colors to brighten your day

When it comes to colors, our team of designers and color experts put in a lot of focus to concoct hues that are flattering on the different Indian skin tones. Our collection has a colossal variety of colors and shades to choose from. We use high-quality pigments to ensure colors stay vibrant even after consistent use.  

3. 6 yards of grace 

All our sarees reach the full length of 6 yards. Thus ensuring even women with broader frames have enough fabric to create exquisite intricate drapes. You can flaunt super-pretty pleats to create an ethereal mermaid-like silhouette and leave your Pallu long and flowy.  

4. Prints and Embellishments 

From indigenous block printing techniques like Ajrakh to intricate embroideries, our sarees are canvases for the exquisite craftsmanship the country has on offer. Our Kessa team is on a mission to revive the glory and beauty of Indian textiles and crafts. The beautiful craftsmanship at Kessa elevates our handwoven rich weaves. 

5. Handwoven heaven 

Our sarees celebrate the traditional weaves of the country with exquisite hand weaving techniques that impart a rich, unique texture and essence to the sarees that modern power looms can never replicate. Indulging in and encouraging fair trade is one of the cornerstones of the Kessa philosophy. So, we make sure we are uplifting the weaver’s community while infusing your wardrobe with the chic charm of our sarees. 

With the changing times, the styles of draping a saree have come far away and now it’s much more than just a garment. India, being a diverse country, holds a variety of styles for draping a saree. Atpoure shari, Nauvari saree, Mekhela chadar, Pinkosu, and Kunbi draping are some of the saree draping styles followed by women from different states and cultures in India. The collection of womens saree online shopping from the Kessa store is perfect for fashionable draping in all these styles.