Bed Linen – The Secret To Snooze Like a Baby


It is a very lesser known fact that the average person spends almost 25 years of their life sleeping. Sounds strange, isn’t it? Let me calculate it for you and you would believe me. Based on eight hours of sleep every night for an average life span of 75 years, the total number of sleeping time comes to 9,125 days. This is equal to 25 years. Seems believable now? All this calculation is just to make you aware of the importance of using good quality linen on your beds.

An activity you give so much of your time to, must not pose any ill effect on your health and unknowingly so. At Kessa, we design our bed linens keeping your health and comfort in mind. Our products come with the following additional features:

bed linens

No compromise on material

With a promise to sustain eco-friendliness, Kessa has all its bed linen made out of the softest variety of cotton available. The bed sheets are so floaty and comfortable that you might just not feel their existence. Cotton is proven to promote good sleep. Being hypoallergenic in nature, it does not cause irritation even to those with the most sensitive skin. Also, these beddings are low maintenance without any compromise on durability.

Attractive colours available

Psychological studies have proven that colours play a huge role in stimulating our mood and emotions. Keeping this in mind, we design our bed linens as per the customers’ buying preferences. We offer you a variety of vibrant and subtle options to choose from. You can shop for the best quality bed linen according to your mood, personality and style.


Fascinating prints

The tempting hand block prints at Kessa take you back to the age-old Indian tradition. They create an aesthetic ambience in your room, whilst maintaining an essence of your culture. The eye-catching colours of the prints give a luxurious feeling. We also make sure that our linens are securely sewn so that the professional layout of artistry remains intact for years.

Excellent absorbency

The bed linens at Kessa are woven with utmost delicacy but without any compromise on comfort. They feel soft and cool to touch. They also have the ability to trap as much as 0.3 gallons of water. Acting as a shield against many bacteria, these bed linens are the best combination of craft and comfort.
Our bed linens will not bother you much with maintenance. But, you can always take extra care so they last even longer. Here is how you can take that extra bit of care!

bed sheets

  • Choose your detergents carefully. Those with harsh chemicals tend to loosen the threads and dull the colour of the linens with every wash. Instead, go for fabric softeners for an increased lifespan of your beddings.
  • Since our linens have excellent absorbency, they tend to attract more body oil. To avoid greasy stains that sink in and get hard to remove, change your sheets every two weeks. Wash them in running cold water if they are not extremely oily.
  • Do not expose the linens to high temperatures. This might just add to the processof the colours fading away. Dry them at cool places or under a shade.

With a huge variety of colours and prints, Kessa is your one stop online shop for purchasing bed linens. Striving to keep the age-old Indian culture alive in our designs and prints, we serve you your preferences at your comfort and convenience.


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