Everything You Need to Know About Rajasthani Block Print Quilts

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Rajasthan is a land enriched with glorious culture. There is so much you can find in Rajasthan. The art forms translated on fabrics are a sight to behold. Rajasthan is known for its block print designs that are beautifully made on various fabrics. Over the period of time, the ancient art form was losing its charm, but thankfully, many brands are reviving it.

About block printing

Block printing is an ancient craft which is being practiced for hundreds of years. The process makes use of natural colours and various fabrics. Rajasthan is known for its block printing, and even till date, it is being practiced by craftsmen. The art of block printing flourished back in 12th century when it received acknowledgment from kings of the era. It is one of the most popular art forms, which is practiced on cotton and mulmul.

How is block printing done on mulmul?

Cotton fabric is laid on flat tables and impressions are made on the cloth using gorgeously carved blocks. In direct printing, the blocks are dipped in natural colours, and impressions are made.

Apart from block print kurtas, sarees, dupattas, and curtains, the block print quilts are also very famous. In fact, the Rajasthani AC quilts are one of the most preferred and loved quilts of all. They are not only liked by Indians, but even foreigners love them owing to the soft feel and attractive colours and designs. You can find different types of block-printed quilts in the market, from micro and light-weighted quilts to silk printing quilts.

If you are looking for quilt online shopping, KessaWear is the perfect place for you. Kessa is a fashion brand that is reviving ancient art forms by making use of traditional art forms and natural fabrics. Our stunning collection of home accessories has Rajasthani AC quilts as well.

We have a huge variety of colours, prints, and designs in our Rajasthani quilt collection. These vibrant quilts will instantly brighten up your décor.

About Rajasthani Quilts

Usually, the quilts are made by filling a bag of cloth with cotton or poly-wool so that one can remain warm in the winter season or while sleeping in AC. The Rajasthani quilts are also made in the same way, but the fabric is soft and comfortable. They have eye catchy printing styles and patterns on them which make them very appealing.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Rajasthani block print quilts are a reflection of its colourful life and cultural heritage. There are imprints of Rajasthani folk dance, royal palace, fortress, elephants, and camels on the quilts. These are some of the common designs. It takes 1-2 months to make each quilt. It is the sheer excellence and hard work of craftsmen that offers the amazing final product.

These quilts are a beautiful addition to your bedroom. If you wish to buy quilt online, explore Kessa and grab your hands-on stunning AC quilts.

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