Flatter Your Face Shape with Flawless Earrings


Wearing matching earrings with your outfits is an excellent way to bring life to any kind of look. Earrings can make you look stylish and splendid in no time! They exhibit your unique fashion sense while complimenting your unique facial structure.

Earrings can instantly make your face look thin, wide, long or fat depending on the shape of your face. In order to look flawless, you must choose earrings that compliment your natural beauty and face shape rather than picking the ones in trend. Explore the various face shapes and the earrings you must wear to enhance your features.


Wide cheekbones with no taper to the chin are the characteristics of a circular face. A round face is almost of the same length from the tip of the nose to all sides. While choosing earrings for this face shape, go for drop or dangling ones. Drop earrings create an illusion of length and make your face look slimmer. Go for danglers that float lower than your chin. Chandelier earrings also look equally good on a round face.


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If you have an oval face, your forehead is slightly broader than your chin. Highly defined cheekbones and a well-rounded jawline to the chin are the most striking features on your face. Picking an earring for an oval face is a fairly easy task because this face shape is versatile and adaptable to almost every structure of earring. Stack up your jewellery box with hoops, studs, circular, curved, triangle-shaped or teardrop earrings that will go wonderfully with your face shape.


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A square face has the forehead, cheeks and jawline of a similar width. This face shape doesn’t narrow much from any of these areas. Without a doubt, round earrings are best suited for a square-shaped face. Oversized hoops or earrings with rounded edges make for a great choice by drawing attention to your earring and softening your face’s natural angles.


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A diamond-shaped face is characterized by the eyes being the widest and most prominent part of the face. The forehead and chin are of the same width. This makes the face look longer with complete focus on the eyes. If your face is shaped like a diamond, stick to teardrop earrings for creating more drama at the bottom of the earring and near your chin. Danglers, baalis and hoops also complement this face shape pretty well. Studs and earrings with delicate drops make for a gorgeous go-to option.

Divas like Rihanna, Beyonce and Shilpa Shetty Kundra have a diamond-shaped face and look stunning when they wear teardrop earrings. Dazzle with danglers from Kessa to add grace to your look.


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