How Was the Gorgeous Chanderi Fabric Revived?

Chanderi fabric

The Chanderi fabric is one of the most loved and beautiful fabrics of all time. You can see stunning sarees, to dresses, and kurtas in Chanderi silk. The fashion block is abuzz with Chanderi silk all thanks to the craft-lovers who made it an integral part of the Indian Wardrobes.

The fabric has its origin in Madhya Pradesh, India. MP was a famous centre for weaving, and Chanderi manufactured here rose to prominence in the 11th century. The fabric was once a favourite among the Royals, and it is considered as light as woven air. The woven silk fabric was used for making pagdis for the kings and saris and dhotis. In 1945, the industry was introduced to silk yarn which came from Japan, and the blend of cotton and silk became popular. Later on, weavers started producing silk on silk Chanderi for making it a luxury product.

While some people like pure silk Chanderi, others prefer the mix of silk and cotton. This combination gets the best properties from both textiles. It has a beautiful lustre and great fall which is suitable for the Indian climate. It is said that every single loom producing Chanderi should be a handloom. The jaala technique still exists in Chanderi weaving even though it became extinct in Benarasi looms nearly 80 years ago.

The Chanderi fabric has certain key features that offer a distinctive feel and appearance to the fabric. The motifs on Chanderi silk are handwoven. Karigars make use of separate needles for creating different motifs on the handloom. Some popular motifs include Chatai, Jangla, Nalferma, Dandidar, Asharfi, Churi, Bundi, and Keri. The Chanderi fabric is known for its translucency which comes from special characteristic of the yarn known as ‘Single Falture.’

In spite of the charm and beauty woven around Chanderi, there was a phase when people almost forgot about Chanderi. However, the buttery soft fabric with a beautiful sheen got a rebirth due to various designers and apparel brands that worked on reviving the traditional Chanderi fabric. As a result, today we can see sarees, skirts, and kurtas in Chanderi fabric.

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