Reviving the Glorious Art Form of Ajrakh Printing

Ajrakh print collection

The fashion scenario keeps on changing. However, a good thing about fashion is that it keeps coming back. Today we can see that renowned fashion designers and brand are reviving the ancient art forms, and the fashion arena is buzzing with ancient prints.

One such ancient art is Ajrakh printing. It is an ageless printing form that has its roots in Indus Valley Civilization. It originated in provinces of Sindh in Pakistan and Indian districts of Kutch in Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan. The work ‘Ajrakh’ means a number of different concepts. Blue is one of the chief colours in Ajrakh printing. Ajrakh printing is said to thrive in India in the 16th century with migration of Khatris from Sindh Province.

The Ajrakh printing celebrates nature amazingly, which reflects in the aesthetics of the colours and motifs. The traditional colours found in Ajrakh are deep and symbolize nature. Every colour symbolizes an element of Earth. While crimson red symbolizes the Earth, indigo blue symbolizes twilight. Black and white are used to outline motifs and defining symmetrical designs. All the colours are extracted naturally. In fact, the contemporary Ajrakh designs have started using newer colours for vibrant contrast such as yellow, rust, and orange.

Traditional and elaborate motifs are widely prevalent in Ajrakh printing. For symbolizing natural elements like stars, flowers, and leaves, symmetrically- geometric jewel-like shapes are used. The most common motif is a trefoil, which is made of three sun discs joined together. It represents the cohesive unity of God to Earth, Water, and Sun. The motifs are stamped around a central point and repeated across the fabric.

Behind the beautiful Ajrakh fabrics is an elaborate printing process. There are various stages of printing and washing the fabric repeatedly with different natural dyes and mordants. Water has a crucial role in Ajrakh printing. The fabric is treated with mordants, dyes, oils, etc. water impacts the shades and hues of the colours as well as has an impact on success or failure of the complete printing process.

The iron content in water is the most decisive factor determining the quality of the final product. While the beautiful art form was diminishing due to various challenges, a number of NGOs and designers took the initiative of reviving the art form.

One such fashion brand is Kessa. Kessa has taken the onus of reviving Ajrakh art form on fabric and has been selling varieties of fashion apparel in Ajrakh prints. Kessa is a trusted online destination for incredible fashion solution. The brand is known for its trendy and classy collection of clothes. What makes Kessa stand apart from others is the use of natural breathable fabrics along with the use of natural dyes used for charming prints and designs such as Ajrakh. The brand is a representation of the fusion of contemporary wear with traditional art. You can find scarves, dupattas, kurtas, and much more in the gorgeous Ajrakh print collection.

If you wish to flaunt our ancient art form that has an earthy appeal to it, explore Kessa for beautiful options that will spoil you for choices.

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